After having a nice stranger texting me to tell me he saw me on as a cheater and a liar (I haven't been in a relationship in over 4 years so who am I cheating on and lying to?), I decided to google image search my name and found that within days of...
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I didn't like
  • Posted me as child predator and i am not
Reply to reviews is a Black mail web site. I also am a victim of the scheme that these true predators and losers operate. There are no real predators on the website. The only real predator is the website itself and the loser operating it, who preys on innocent...
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I too have been a victim of this scam website. They posted lies about me and now want 100.00 to take it down. They claim that a ex girlfriend that they made up posted the lies...


You are correct. This is nothing but a SCAM website devoted to BLACKMAILING innocent people. They also have one called WWW.STDREGISTRY.COM that they do the same thing on. They...

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